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A visit to our unique dental office, located in Center City Philadelphia, is sure to be unlike any other dental care experience you’ve had before. We focus on the individual goals of each patient and develop customized treatment plans.

Being on the cutting edge of new dental technology is not about having the ‘newest toys.’ It is about offering the best treatment experience and finest results to our patients! Our dentist in Philadelphia, PA, Dr. Doray introduces new technology into her practice only after careful research to choose technology with proven performance.

Whether new technology is less invasive, more comfortable, offers better diagnostics or delivers better, longer lasting results the bottom line is a better experience for our patients.

Dentist office operatory in Philadelphia PA

Ultradent Gemini Wavelength Laser

We use the latest laser technology, the Ultradent Gemini Dual Wavelength Laser, in many of our procedures. This technology offers the optimal laser wavelengths for precise comfortable procedures that enhance the outcomes of our treatments. Click here for pictures and info about the product.

3M True Definition Oral Scanner

Dr. Doray uses the 3M True Definition Oral Scanner in her Philadelphia dental office. This device represents the latest in digital dental impression technology offering better efficiency and patient comfort.

With the True Definition technology, Dr. Doray can take a 3D image of the teeth in just seconds without making contact with the teeth. The “digital impressions” are transferred instantly to a computer so that they can be reviewed. If something doesn’t look right, Dr. Doray can simply rescan the tooth or teeth in a matter of seconds.
The True Definition scanner has a wide range of applications. The digital impression technology is used in nearly all of our cosmetic and restorative dental cases such as dental crowns, bridgework and porcelain veneers. The scanner can also be used to take impressions for Invisalign clear aligners, orthodontic retainers and night guards.

The fit of the dental restorations and dental appliances is proven to be better compared to traditional impression methods.

Get Faster Invisalign Results With Acceledent

Imagine shortening your Invisalign treatment time by 38-50% while getting the same result!

Dr. Doray is pleased to offer an exciting new technology called AcceleDent. The AcceleDent device is easy to use and only requires 20 minutes a day of wear to improve the progress and results of Invisalign treatment and dramatically shorten the treatment time.

How Does It Work?

AcceleDent is based on a patented SoftPulse Technology using safe and gentle pulsations or small vibrations that transmit through the roots of the teeth to the surrounding bone. The pulse technology stimulates a cellular response and increases the rate of tooth movement.

You will still wear your aligners for 22 hours each day, but for fewer days per aligner. For example if you have 25 aligners (50 to 62 week treatment time), AcceleDent could reduce your treatment time to 25 to 36 weeks. This is a significant acceleration of the orthodontic tooth movement process resulting in an optimal result with less time in the aligners.

Studies show improved seating of aligners and improved accuracy as a result. Patients in clinical studies also report less discomfort with seating of new aligners and less sensitivity during their orthodontic treatment.

Digital X-rays

Dr. Doray uses the award-winning Aribex NOMAD™ handheld dental X-ray system, the most advanced systems on the market today. Digital X-rays have several advantages over conventional film X-rays. Digital X-rays greatly reduce the amount of radiation used by up to 90%. The results can be viewed immediately for more efficient appointments.

The image quality is outstanding, and we are able to view the enlarged and/or enhanced image on the computer to aid in difficult diagnoses. It is also a great way for our patients to be more involved with their treatment decisions, as we can have discussions about treatment needs with both of us seeing the same image on the computer screen.

Aribex NOMAD™ handheld dental X-ray system


Vita Easyshade

Correct shade evaluation is a key factor in creating beautiful natural looking restorations that make you feel great about your new smile. With the VITA Easyshade we can easily and quickly verify a precise, objective shade match, regardless of the lighting conditions or the type of materials being used.

The Vita Easyshade is also a useful tool when communicating to the dental lab, helping the ceramist to create beautiful restorations that exhibit natural color from within rather than from external surface staining.

Vita Easyshade

Intraoral Camera

Dr. Doray uses an intraoral camera to take high quality photos of her patients’ teeth. The intraoral camera, about the size of large ink pen, provides additional diagnostic information for both the doctor and the patient. Small cracks and pits are easier to see and treat before there is more serious damage to the teeth. With intraoral photos the patient can see what the dentist is seeing, and together Dr. Doray and the patient can explore treatment options.

Intraoral camera

Smile Simulation Imaging

For those who wish to see what they may look like after cosmetic dental treatment, Dr. Doray utilizes cosmetic digital imaging software.

Dylan Snap Simulation before and after

A digital photo of your smile is downloaded into the computer. Then Dr. Doray creates a custom image of your new smile by altering the color, shape, size and alignment of your teeth. This smile simulation also helps us communicate with the dental laboratory. It can help you to visualize the potential treatment results, allowing you to be a part of the process in creating the smile of your dreams.

Electric Hand-pieces

No doubt you are familiar with the dental drill! Dr. Doray uses the latest electric hand-pieces rather than the conventional air-driven hand-pieces (drills) in her office. Our patients prefer electric hand-pieces because they are quieter and more comfortable. Electric hand-pieces have other properties that allow Dr. Doray to complete treatment more quickly and efficiently as well. That’s something we can all appreciate in the dental office!