Our first encounter is an important one! During this visit we learn about you and your personal dental concerns.  You, likewise, will have the opportunity to learn more about our practice. This will help you determine if we are the right ‘fit’ for you.

First you’ll meet with our Patient Coordinator for a tour of the office. Next you will meet with Dr. Doray in her office to discuss your concerns and treatment goals. Then in the treatment room, Dr. Doray and her assistants gather a variety of information which can include a periodontal and restorative examination, oral cancer screening, bite evaluation, and dental cosmetic evaluation. We may also use this time to take records such as pre-treatment photos, diagnostic models and X-rays.

Dr. Doray studies the information and records we gathered in order to make a personalized dental plan tailored to your treatment goals and dental health requirements. If necessary, we may recommend a second visit to complete your evaluation or to discuss your plan in depth.

We discuss treatment options, treatment fees, and alternatives for sequencing your treatment depending on your personal scheduling preferences. You will know exactly what to expect at each future appointment!

Your initial appointment consists of over an hour of undivided attention. While we understand many offices offer a free initial consultation, the comprehensive nature of our practice makes the nominal fee for this appointment a phenomenal value.

Call today to schedule your first appointment with Dr. Doray!